To gift or not to gift…

I know what you’re thinking – it’s only May. But the end of the school year will be here before you know it! For teachers, the summer term may drag its stubborn heels,… Continue reading

Questions at the School Gate: A Year On…

A year ago I had this moment where I finally decided I’d had enough of small talk or – even worse – standing next to other adults in utter silence waiting for my… Continue reading

Thumb-sucking: Breaking the habit

As a child, I was a thumb-sucker. In fact, my Mum had an x-ray when she was pregnant (which is pretty rare), and apparently you could see my little thumb in my mouth… Continue reading

Questions at the School Gate

Have you ever found the school gates…erm… a little superficial?? Are you sick of schoolrun small talk? Or, like me, do you feel a little like a schoolchild again, nervous to start up… Continue reading

The Secret of Family Life!

I’m very excited to introduce to you my book, ‘The Secret of Family Life: 100 Ideas for Family Life’! This book is very simply laid out – it is the story of how… Continue reading

Mending School Uniform!

Hi there! Today’s post is just a short one, about how you can make the most of your children’s school uniforms and think twice before replacing broken items when you could repair them!… Continue reading

10 Children’s Films for the faint-hearted (no scary bits!)

10 Favourite Films suitable for ages 3 and up!

What to wear when you’ve just had a baby…

So you were pregnant for 9 months and got used to what to wear – didn’t that bump look cute in everything??  And FINALLY baby arrived!  What a lot to wrap your head… Continue reading

Bread Bowls!

  Who doesn’t love a good bread bowl filled with soup?  In my opinion there’s nothing more cosy to eat in the Winter months than soup, and what a bonus if you can… Continue reading

Make the Most of that Pumpkin!

Autumn is upon us! It brings with it a rich harvest of wholesome English fruits, from apples to squashes, and so today I thought I’d  sing the praises of a wonderful and often… Continue reading