Mending School Uniform!

Hi there! Today’s post is just a short one, about how you can make the most of your children’s school uniforms and think twice before replacing broken items when you could repair them!… Continue reading

10 Children’s Films for the faint-hearted (no scary bits!)

10 Favourite Films suitable for ages 3 and up!

What to wear when you’ve just had a baby…

So you were pregnant for 9 months and got used to what to wear – didn’t that bump look cute in everything??  And FINALLY baby arrived!  What a lot to wrap your head… Continue reading

Bread Bowls!

  Who doesn’t love a good bread bowl filled with soup?  In my opinion there’s nothing more cosy to eat in the Winter months than soup, and what a bonus if you can… Continue reading

Make the Most of that Pumpkin!

Autumn is upon us! It brings with it a rich harvest of wholesome English fruits, from apples to squashes, and so today I thought I’d  sing the praises of a wonderful and often… Continue reading

Maternity Fashion

Hi there Yummy Mummies-to-be! If your pregnancy magazines are anything to go by, you’ll be needing to buy a whole new maternity wardrobe for the next 9 months (mostly made up of frumpy… Continue reading

Cheat’s Bolognese-from-Scratch Sauce

Hey there! Ever want to whip up a quick bolognese sauce but just don’t have the time, cooking know-how, or energy to cook from scratch?  There’s no need to feel bad, just use… Continue reading

The First 5 things to do when you find out you’re pregnant!

Wow – you’re pregnant!  I think it’s fair to say that it’s shocking news whether you’ve been planning it or not!  What a huge, life-changing piece of information you’ve just been given! This… Continue reading

A few thoughts on vegetables…

Hi there, Today I thought I’d give you a few of my thoughts on vegetables… There’s a reason parents have notoriously forces their children to eat vegetables for decades now – they are… Continue reading

A Few More Quick and Easy Children’s Meals…

Hi there! Today I thought I’d do a short post with 3 more quick and simple meal ideas for little ones! We all have those days (me more than the rest it seems!)… Continue reading