A Few More Quick and Easy Children’s Meals…

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Today I thought I’d do a short post with 3 more quick and simple meal ideas for little ones!

We all have those days (me more than the rest it seems!) when you’re too tired to cook.  And on those days it can be tempting to get a takeaway or fast food, but if you’ve always got the right simple foods in stock, you can make faster food than fast-food, and healthier, and cheaper!  (Pasta and potatoes are staples that are inexpensive, keep for months on end and are always handy in a hurry)

So without further ado, here are my go-to super-quick meals for children!


Kid’s Carbonara


It’s as simple as this: Cook some pasta, stir in grated cheese (which will melt), and chopped-up ham!  Done!  You can add sweetcorn into the mix, or use bacon instead of ham, but it’s a really quick and easy meal that all kids will love, and has protein, (ham/cheese), dairy (cheese), and carbohydrates (pasta) to keep your little ones fuelled up!


Baby Jacket Potatoes


These are such a hit in our house!  One day I’d run out of regular sized potatoes and wanted to do some jackets for tea, so I used baby potatoes instead.  We haven’t bought normal potatoes since!  The kids love them with baked beans and cheese (as do I) and my husband, who previously didn’t like jackets, now loves them because they have the perfect potato-skin to fluffy-potato ratio!


Pasta Pesto (contains nuts)


Well, it doesn’t get easier than pasta pesto.  Cook some pasta, stir in some pesto from a jar.  Done.

You can buy red or green pesto in a jar (red is a good starting point as most children love it, the green can be a more acquired taste) in any supermarket, and it is truly scrumptious!  Every time I make this for the kids, I make a big batch and put some in a tub in my daughter’s lunchbox instead of sandwiches for school the next day.  She loves it, and it’s nice for her to have a change from bread.  Pesto also has olive oil in it which, although fattening, is really good for you.

If you have trouble getting vegetables into your children’s diets I’ll be writing a post soon about how to sneak vegetables in without annoying your children or becoming a slave to the cooking/food shopping.

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Yummy Mummy x