Cheat’s Bolognese-from-Scratch Sauce


Hey there!

Ever want to whip up a quick bolognese sauce but just don’t have the time, cooking know-how, or energy to cook from scratch?  There’s no need to feel bad, just use my easy-peasy cheat’s bolognese-from-scratch recipe! You won’t have to chop a thing, and you’ll also know for sure there’s no added nasties!


tomatoesYou will need:

A tiny bit of oil OR 3 sprays of Frylight

Garlic puree in a tube

Chopped tomatoes in a tin

Dried herbs (optional)

Beef mince (optional)

Grated cheese for the top (optional)

How to make it:

Pop a frying pan on the hob, and pop a tiny bit of oil (or a couple of sprays of fry light) and let it warm up a minute, next squirt a bit of garlic puree into the pan and let it sizzle a bit (it will smell delish!), if you’re adding mince beef, put it in now and stir around until it’s cooked throughout.  This sauce also tastes great without meat, to go with pasta and cheese, we have it all the time!  Next, pour in a tin of chopped tomatoes (see, I promised no chopping didn’t I!), don’t worry about onions (because this is the cheat’s recipe!), and sprinkle in some dried mixed herbs if you like.  Squeeze in a good portion more of garlic and let it mix into the sauce and add some yummy flavour.  Garlic is brilliant, because it adds a salty flavour without having to add any salt at all to the sauce.  And it’s so good for you!

That’s it – you’re done!  You’ve just made a bolognese sauce from scratch, wasn’t that easy??  It tastes great on pasta with grated cheese (I even buy pre-grated cheese, I must admit!) on the top, and is a great nutritious meal!  If you ever have a bit more time or fancy getting out a knife then onions, peppers, mushrooms and sweetcorn all taste great thrown in to the mix!

Good luck!

Yummy Mummy xxx