Bread Bowls!



Who doesn’t love a good bread bowl filled with soup?  In my opinion there’s nothing more cosy to eat in the Winter months than soup, and what a bonus if you can eat the bowl too!  I haven’t seen this done much in England but it seems to be a tradition that stems from North America, which began as a way of using up slightly old/tough bread.  The idea is that the soup softens it and so it becomes edible and so there’s no need to throw any bread away.  Ingenious, in my opinion!

Anyhow, I recently had a craving for bread bowls and thought it would be a fun and easy meal idea for us as well as the kids!  I wasn’t wrong – they loved it!  Seeing as I wasn’t baking my own bread it couldn’t have been easier…

I found round loaves at the shop,



Cut them in half and hollowed them out,


Let them sit out for a while to harden off a bit (so they aren’t too soft and therefore don’t leak),


…and filled them with soup!  Voila!




IMG-20131017-00821                     IMG-20131017-00820

Why not give it a try, it’s a bit of fun and the kids will love the novelty of it!

Yummy Mummy xxx