10 Children’s Films for the faint-hearted (no scary bits!)

Ever bought a DVD for your child that was a beloved film from your childhood?  But – oh dear – you’d forgotten about that nightmare scene, or the baddy’s spooky song…was it really that scary when you were younger? Or were you watching it when you were a little older than your child is? (Probably the latter!) I’ve made this mistake more than once, and end up sitting and watching the whole movie with the children, fast forwarding every scene that may contain something upsetting or scary.  But I think we all need a good selection of ‘safe’ films in our kids’ collections, so that your child can be safe to watch a dvd whilst you are doing something else!  So, with this in mind, Ive come up 10 great children’s films for the faint-hearted.  10 films that I think are harmless and innocent, and safe for children 3+ to watch.  Every child is different, but I’m pretty over-sensitive in this arena, and you really can’t go wrong with these!!

1. The Muppets

Even you will enjoy this one – it is genuinely funny for adults too. It’s also practically impossible not to sing along… 


2. Flushed Away 

A brilliant British animation from Aardman, genuinely funny and even the “evil” toad will make them giggle. Great for all ages.


3. The Aristocats

This Disney ‘golden oldie’ is so tame they may even nod off! But sweet all the same, and featuring some classic songs.


4. Racing Stripes

This lesser known movie from back in 2005 is made with real farmyard animals and some great well-known actor voiceovers.  It’s a very sweet-natured movie about a zebra who wants to be a racehorse.


5. Cars

NOT just for boys, our whole family loves this film.  A lovely Disney Pixar treat, with no malice or threat, and teaching about the importance of friends and family over ambition and success. (Note that ‘Cars 2’ has a very different feel and is aimed at a slightly older age of child)


6. Planes

The sort-of sequel to ‘Cars’ (and ‘Cars 2’) – in my opinion, this is Disney’s tamest ever animation.  For this reason, it really is suitable for all ages.  Another sweet-natured movie about a crop-duster who wants to race, but is scared of heights.  My son loves this film, but my daughter is less keen, so this may be one for the boys. Unlike ‘Cars’, ‘Planes’ wasn’t made by Pixar (as well as Disney), and I think it lacks the ‘zip’ of a pixar movie.


7. High School Musical

Ok, so it’s a bit of a cheese-fest but kids LOVE it! Both boys and girls will enjoy this super-innocent movie which includes some very (annoyingly) catchy songs to sing and dance along to. 


8. Thomas and friends: King of the Railway

A hit with Thomas fans, and helpful as a bridge between full-on films and episodes, for those younger children who can’t yet focus on a full-length movie.


9. Barney: The land of make-believe

It doesn’t come much cheesier than this.  Technically a ‘feature-lenth episode’, The Land of Make-Believe is sweet and wholesome, and really brings the children’s imagination to life.  My daughter loves seeing a ‘real-life’ mermaid, and my son loves all the catchy songs.  I personally try to stay in another room…


10. Cinderella

A classic Disney movie that doesn’t feature the death of any main characters (like in The Lion King or Bambi) or a super-evil villan (a la Sleeping Beauty) – and it’s NOT just for girls! My son enjoys this much more than my daughter – the little mice play quite a big part, singing songs and having ongoing chases with the cat.


What non-scary films do your children enjoy?  Please comment to let me know – I’m always looking for more movies!