Mending School Uniform!


Hi there!

Today’s post is just a short one, about how you can make the most of your children’s school uniforms and think twice before replacing broken items when you could repair them!

Of course, this doesn’t work with everything, but it’s worth a little think, before throwing them out.  There are some simple solutions to some broken items, such as:

Ripped knees in trousers

Even if you’ve never picked up a needle and thread, it’s easier than you think to sew up a tear in a piece of fabric.  Why not give it a go?  When my son was in reception he put holes in his trouser knees on a fortnightly basis, and I must have sewed or patched them up 5 times.  After a few repairs (or if you’re not a sewing master) they can start to look scruffy though, but its still not the end of the road for these trousers!  You can cut them at the knee (from where the hole or tear is) and then sew them up into shorts!  Or, if you’re short on time (as I was) or just can’t face sewing, use bondaweb and simply iron up the edge where you cut the trouser legs (after folding about 1-2cm up inside the leg) – there you have a smart-looking pair of shorts!  I’ve actually had a lot of mums asking me where I bought my son’s smart school shorts from!


Rips/Holes in tights

The same applies for tights (the thick winter type) – after a while they’re bound to get holes and rips in them, or -like my daughter- they wear at the knees from kneeling down on the carpet at school.  Instead of writing these tights off, simply cut  them neatly just above the knee (ZERO sewing required, just a pair of scissors) and you have yourself a pair of comfy, fitted shorts that your daughter can wear under her school skirt, pinafore or summer dress.  No more accidentally flashing their knickers when they sit on the carpet or do cartwheels on the playground!  Voila!


Faded Socks

Everyone knows a fresh white pair of school socks looks smart and clean! But after many, many, wears and washes, these socks so easily become dull, grey, and …err.. not so clean-looking!  A mum from school gave me a brilliant tip for this – pop a dishwasher tablet in the washing machine with the socks, it helps to whiten them again and they look great! So no need to chuck them out and buy any new ones!  Another technique is to buy dark grey, navy or black socks as they will keep their colour and hide a multitude of marks!  So while we’re on the subject of the washing machine…

School Shoes

Has your child ever come home with their School Shoes totally caked in mud?  Or wet themselves at school and come home with their wet clothes in a bag, including soaking shoes? eeeew!  You may think this is the end of the life of these shoes, but why not brush off any surface debris (such as mud) and put them on a gentle wash in the washing machine? I know it sounds crazy but I have done this multiple times and the shoes come out looking lovely!  They take a while to dry, but if you pop them on the radiator they should be thoroughly dried out in the morning, in time for school! The following evening you could give them a polish, which breathes new life into a pair of shoes at the best of times.

My final tip:

Label everything!

I’ve lost count of the amount of cardigans my daughter her misplaced at school.  Luckily, almost every one made it’s way back to us as her name was clearly labelled inside it.  The one time I didn’t label, we lost it, and of course, never found it again.  There are hundreds of children in the same place every day wearing the same clothes – so if you forget to label them, you may find yourself begrudgingly re-buying expensive items, which is so frustrating!

I hope some of these ideas have been helpful. But I’m certain there must be many, many more ways to repair or re-use items of school uniform.  If you have any top tips, please mention them in the comments section below!


Yummy Mummy xxx