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10 Children’s Films for the faint-hearted (no scary bits!)

10 Favourite Films suitable for ages 3 and up!


Make the Most of that Pumpkin!

Autumn is upon us! It brings with it a rich harvest of wholesome English fruits, from apples to squashes, and so today I thought I’d  sing the praises of a wonderful and often… Continue reading

10 Easy Ways to Make do and Mend!

Hi there Mummies! I’ve been thinking lately about how annoyed I get with all the clutter in my house that I no longer need.  I often let it build up until it is… Continue reading

Potty Training

Hi there, Mummies! I have purposely avoided the subject of potty training since I started the blog almost a year ago, mostly because I wanted to make sure I truly had 2 potty… Continue reading

Making Your Christmas Cosy

Merry Christmas Yummy Mummies!! It’s very very nearly December, and the Christmas season is now apon us! Woohoo! Remember Christmas as a child? (Who could forget?) It all seemed so magical didn’t it?… Continue reading

Christmas is coming…how to start preparing early

Hi there! It may only be the end of October, but if you’re a Mum you might have already been thinking about starting to buy/make presents for a while now! Cynics would say… Continue reading

Things to be thankful for

Hi there, As it was Thanksgiving in Canada yesterday, (American Thanksgiving isn’t until November), our extended family will be gathering together on friday evening by the fire in our fairly new tradition, with… Continue reading

The Yummy Mummy Manual

Hi, welcome to the Yummy Mummy Manual!  I’m Yummy Mummy and I’m here to give you my top parenting tips, as and when I discover them!