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Bread Bowls!

  Who doesn’t love a good bread bowl filled with soup?  In my opinion there’s nothing more cosy to eat in the Winter months than soup, and what a bonus if you can… Continue reading

Make the Most of that Pumpkin!

Autumn is upon us! It brings with it a rich harvest of wholesome English fruits, from apples to squashes, and so today I thought I’d  sing the praises of a wonderful and often… Continue reading

Cheat’s Bolognese-from-Scratch Sauce

Hey there! Ever want to whip up a quick bolognese sauce but just don’t have the time, cooking know-how, or energy to cook from scratch?  There’s no need to feel bad, just use… Continue reading

A Few More Quick and Easy Children’s Meals…

Hi there! Today I thought I’d do a short post with 3 more quick and simple meal ideas for little ones! We all have those days (me more than the rest it seems!)… Continue reading

Quick and easy Oat Cookies!

Hi all! …I can’t actually believe I’m giving you this recipe – it’s my own invention and is SO easy and yet always tastes sooo yummy! But I genuinely believe your food-lives will… Continue reading

Packed Lunch Ideas

Hi Mummies and Daddies! Well, whether we want to think about it or not (in my case not), it’s less than a week until we’re back on that school run (or doing the… Continue reading

Homemade Cordial – easier than you think…

Hello there Yummy Mummies! I don’t know about you, but I’ve always watched others in awe as they bake their own loaves, make their own fresh pasta, and have their own secret jam… Continue reading

Quick Children’s Meals

Hi there yummy mummys! Today I thought I would share with you some of my staple in-a-hurry quick childrens meals. I find that as a parent, it’s hard to go anywhere without getting… Continue reading

Easy Peasy Cinnamon Toast

Okay, so however wonderful a cook you may be, sometimes there just isn’t time, and you fancy whipping up a little something delicious for you and/or the kiddies! This literally takes 2 minutes…… Continue reading